Mini Squishable Anteater II

$ 25.00

''So, ummm...what's your favorite kind of ant?'' 

Thus begins 90 percent of Anteater's first dates! She fills her online dating profile with tales of globetrotting adventure, of literary tastes, and the fact that she likes to bake her own pound cake! Still, it's "ant" this and "ant" that until the check comes. Unbelievable! 

So when this Anteater takes a break from the dating scene to hang out comfortably in the crook of your arm as you lounge around the living room, here are some better conversation starters! Magical realist literature! Bay scallops or sea scallops! Favorite '70s spy movies! Do you see the common theme? No ants! 

7 squishy inches of gourd! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

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